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Brickell Exclusive Blooms

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801 Brickell Ave,
Miami, FL 33131

Send a Beautiful Flower Arrangement in Brickell, Miami Today

Shop from our wide selection of floral designs, bountiful bouquets, and other creative floral arrangements to send a meaningful gift in Miami, Florida from a floral artist. Be prepared with the best gift for memorable days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, when deciding on a gift can be tough. 

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Brickell, Miami’s Local Florist - Dedicated to Quality and Satisfaction

Brickell Exclusive Blooms works hard to craft outstanding floral arrangements and provide exceptional customer satisfaction to Brickell, Miami, FL. Our arrangements are florist-designed, and hand-delivered with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Join our community of happy customers in Brickell, Miami by ordering and supporting your local florist, Brickell Exclusive Blooms. 

Learn more about Brickell Exclusive Blooms

Exquisite Floral Designs in Miami: Discover Brickell's Exclusive Blooms

Discover the unparalleled artistry and elegance at Brickell Exclusive Blooms in Miami, your premier destination for exquisite floral designs. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Miami and Brickell, FL, our boutique is a sanctuary where each floral creation is a heartfelt expression of emotion, perfectly crafted for every memorable occasion. Amidst the bustling cityscape, Brickell Exclusive Blooms stands as a beacon of natural beauty and creative excellence, offering a unique language of flowers spoken with passion and elegance.

The Essence of Brickell Exclusive Blooms

Step into the enchanting world of Brickell Exclusive Blooms in Miami, where each bloom narrates its own story. Our floral artistry goes beyond mere arrangement; it's about encapsulating emotions and moments, transforming them into lasting memories. This is the essence of the Gifter's Joy - experiencing the delight in giving and receiving a thoughtfully chosen bouquet from Miami's favorite florist.

The Gifter's Joy: More Than Just Flowers

At the heart of Brickell Exclusive Blooms, we believe flowers are profound expressions of emotions. Witnessing the joy in someone's eyes upon receiving a bouquet from our Miami-based boutique is our truest reward. Each arrangement is intricately designed to encapsulate the sentiments of those special moments, making the act of giving flowers an intimately personal and gratifying experience.

Celebrating Every Occasion

As Miami and Brickell's go-to florist, Brickell Exclusive Blooms specializes in all types of occasions. Whether it's conveying love, celebrating a dream wedding, or commemorating a significant milestone, our team is dedicated to enhancing every event with our bespoke floral designs, ensuring each day in Miami is filled with joy and beauty.

Uniquely Brickell Exclusive Blooms

A Commitment to Floral Excellence: What sets Brickell Exclusive Blooms apart in the Miami florist scene is our unwavering passion for Floral Art and commitment to customer satisfaction. Sourcing diverse blooms from the City of Flowers in nearby Doral, FL, we guarantee the freshness and uniqueness of each design, making us a local influencer in the art of floristry in Miami and Brickell.

Art in Bloom: Unleashing Creativity in Miami

Every project at Brickell Exclusive Blooms is a canvas for creativity. Our team’s focus is on producing modern and contemporary designs that reflect the individuality and style of our Miami clientele. From romantic bouquets to elaborate wedding arrangements, our work is a testament to the diversity and innovation in floral design.

Your Trusted Local Miami Florist

Choosing Brickell Exclusive Blooms means entrusting your floral needs to a team dedicated to quality and variety, a team that ensures your floral gifts are as memorable as they are beautiful. We are proud to be your preferred partner for celebrating life's most cherished moments in Miami and Brickell.

The Heart of Brickell Exclusive Blooms

At Brickell Exclusive Blooms, our team's passion for floral artistry is evident in every arrangement. We believe in the transformative power of flowers, turning spaces and emotions into extraordinary experiences. Our dedication, skill, and creativity make every bouquet a beacon of artistry in Miami's floristry world.


  1. What is the 'Gifter's Joy' at Brickell Exclusive Blooms? The 'Gifter's Joy' is the happiness and fulfillment derived from giving and receiving our beautifully crafted bouquets, where each arrangement is an emotional expression.
  2. What sets Brickell Exclusive Blooms apart in Miami's floral artistry? Our commitment to fresh, diverse blooms and modern floral art makes every arrangement a masterpiece.
  3. Can Brickell Exclusive Blooms create custom arrangements? Absolutely! We specialize in crafting arrangements that reflect our clients' unique styles and preferences.
  4. Why choose Brickell Exclusive Blooms for your floral needs in Miami? Our dedication to quality, variety, and understanding the emotional language of flowers makes us the ideal choice for any floral occasion.
  5. How does Brickell Exclusive Blooms cater to various occasions? We focus on bespoke designs, specializing in creating floral arrangements for a wide range of occasions, from romantic gestures to grand weddings in Miami and Brickell.
"Brickell Exclusive Blooms is more than a floral boutique; it's a haven of artistry and emotion in the heart of Miami and Brickell, FL. Each bouquet we create is a celebration of life's moments, crafted with love, creativity, and a deep understanding of the emotional language of flowers."